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Frankenstein Versus the Volcano

Excellent podcasts are like buses.... erm, no they're not. Either way this week there happen to have been some excellent pods waiting eagerly for my listening windows.

This morning the master of eye-opening engagement on the subject of stats: Tim Harford, gave me several, dense, nutritious courses of insights, all triggered by the story of a rather large Indonesian volcanic eruption in 1816 (Tambora).

I was particularly struck by research which observed people’s prospects improving after disasters (e.g. after Hurricane Katrina local people’s earnings initially plunged, yet recovered to higher levels than had been previously, a pattern repeated in other like examples). Had a lot of pertinence to organisational change and the role or crisis in demanding radical shifts away from the status quo and ultimately towards greater prosperity. Lot of super useful parallels on the climate theme too.

We brought Tim in to a UBS content project we ran at Poke a few years ago, but never had the chance to meet : (


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