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I found these podcasts really useful as I ran around country trails early this morning.

There are seismic shifts in the digital media landscape underway and as always, Benedict Evans and Toni Cowan-Brown sift through the complexity to find the salience in all the sludge. At the end Benedict reaches a revelatory idea that the consequence of the changes will result in upending the whole advertising model, creating products and services to anticipate the new structures as opposed to shaping communications around already fixed propositions as we a do today. I think this has been going on for some time anyway, but his argument suggests the trend will only grow. Yet another reason to be thinking though the impact of these shifts and how they will demand innovation in response.

Kara Swisher interviews self-professed digital luddite Dave Eggers about his book The Every, that explores the consequences of a growing technopoly. Paints a pretty bleak picture of what’s in store, but luckily the next pod in my list gives a few clues…

Nilay Patel interviews Blockchain Association of Ukraine president Michael Chobanian on Decoder, revealing a pretty compelling case for crypto that has been hugely accelerated by the conflict. If Dave Eggers left a sour taste in your mouth regarding the consequences of winner-takes-all monopolistic tendencies, you’ll like the picture Michael paints of post-centralised governance that he believes is now possible in the Ukraine due to its’ forced reinvention.


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